Working with the NHS

"We are acutely aware of the importance of good communication and understanding between patients and health professionals. Unfortunately there are times when this can breakdown and lead to unsatisfactory treatment or regrettably more tragic circumstances.

Mothers Instinct provides parents with a platform to share their experiences, and insights, and the confidence to know that their contribution will help bring about positive change. We support Mothers Instinct in its aim to improve safety and experiences for parents and their children when receiving medical treatment.

It is important that when something does go wrong, there is on-going dialogue between parents and health professionals, as it is only by working together that there can be improvements in future treatment and care"

Moore Blatch Resolve, Clinical Negligence Solicitors

“Speaking with patients and patient’s relatives is so important. The users of any service are the people who see the faults, far more than the people providing the service. That’s true of any industry, and hospitals are no exception. We want to encourage people to come forward"

Prof. Martin Wetherill, Medical Director, Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Trust