Hindsight Into Foresight

Foresight is the ability to identify, respond to, and recover from the initial indications that an incident could take place. It involves the ability to recognise potential risks, in order to intervene.

My mission is to turn my 'hindsight' into many people's 'foresight' both within healthcare and amongst parents.

By visiting this part of my website, reading Jasmines story and my story, and the stories of other families, I hope NHS staff and the public will learn some valuable lessons needed to help stop similar tragedies occuring in the future. Those lessons (ought to) be learned by the staff and the trusts involved. But I want that learning shared more widely. It has always seemed a massive insult to me that when a child has died, the learning from the tragedy is not widely shared. The same thing could happen to someone elses child in another hospital 30 miles up the road. It is sickening really.

Tell me a fact...and I'll learn,

Tell me a truth...and I'll believe,

Tell me a story...and it will live in my heart forever.

(Indian Proverb)

Patient stories are a more powerful learning tool than data, alerts, or articles. Healthcare staff should hear patient stories often, designed to 'live in their hearts forever' and guide their future actions/thought processes away from those that could end in harm. Parents are an equally important part of the team and should be given the opportunity to learn from patient stories too. Families should learn about the 'signs and symptoms' of medical errors. Parents need to understand the importance of listening to themselves when things don't feel right, and know what to do/who to speak to to advocate for their children. I hope this website achieves greater foresight for all groups.