Supporting Bereaved Parents

Emotional Support
I believe nobody out there should go through the trauma of losing a child in these types of circumstances feeling alone. I hope this website stops any feelings of isolation parents bereaved through medical error might be feeling. I welcome bereaved parents to contact me using the contact form, and I will get in touch. Due to my availability, I can't promise regular and ongoing one to one support, but I will have a telephone call or an email exchange and do my best to point you in the right direction as to where you can get the support you need.
I am currently campaigning for a national emotional support programme for the avoidably bereaved as I recognise the need for this.

Please use this section of the site to help you find the information you need about the processes involved following the avoidable loss of your child, and how you can make sure you are a part of them. Only you, will have been the 'eyes and ears' at every stage of your Childs journey and the information you provide is crucial to understanding what happened and learning from it.

Informing change
With your permission, I will add you to my 'list' of avoidably bereaved parents who want to see Patient Safety for children improvements, and will contact you about any opportunities to provide your views, opinions, knowledge, insights and feedback and/or partner with the NHS on improvement projects that I become aware of.

Share your story for learning
If you would like to share your Childs story on this site for national learning (by other parents and healthcare professionals) please let me know.