Support Our Work

If you would like to make a donation or carry out a fundraising activity for Mothers' Instinct, we'd be very grateful for your support. Any money we recieve will be used to help us promote the importance of Mothers' Instinct and strong communication between parents and medical professionals, help share patient stories for national learning from serious incidents, aid projects designed to improve patient safety for children, help us campaign for openess and honesty following error, and to support avoidably bereaved parents.

Examples of how donations might be spent include:

  • Paying for the hosting of this website
  • Paying travel and conference fees for Joanne to attend those conferences where the subject matter is relevant to the aims of the group. Negotiation with the conference provider for a significantly reduced attendance fee is always carried out. (Conferences attended to date are: Openess, Transparency and Candour Post Mid-Staffordshire: A Practical Guide 9/5/13, London; NHS Complaints Post Francis and Clwyd/Hart 20/3/14; and Investigations Fit for a Modern Health Service 5/3/15)
  • Paying for travel to and from events or meetings where Joanne has been asked to be a speaker, or to provide input and opinion from the service user perspective. Most of the time, the event or meeting organiser is willing to cover this.
  • Production of training materials to be used by those seeking to improve patient safety in their place of work
  • Production of materials to be used on wards and in GP practices to help improve communication and collaboration between parents and professionals
  • Providing financial help to an avoidably bereaved family so they can secure 6 sessions of counselling for each parent following the death of their child, at the point they feel they need it
  • Giving money to research groups, collaboratives, or projects working either to improve patient safety for children, or to improve how avoidably bereaved parents are cared for.