Our Support Network

Joanne will contact you via telephone, or email, if you would like someone to talk to who really knows how you feel. Joanne is not a trained counselor, but has experienced first hand what it is like both to lose a child, and to feel let down by the care they received.

We will do our best to support you, answer your questions, and provide information about other sources of help . You might just want us to listen – we are very good at that.

Please contact us and provide us with your name, email address and telephone number. It would be useful if you could include a few details, such as your child’s name and age and a little of what happened.

Joanne will contact you as soon as possible at a time when she can be sure she can devote to you the attention that you need.


Joanne is experiencing an extremely large workload and high stress levels in respect of her own journey to get the truth about what happened to Jasmine acknowledged by the trusts involved, and for all the lessons so desperately needed to be learned. She cannot respond to any more families for the time being. This message will be removed when this changes. We are very sorry.  


"My husband and I passionately support Mothers Instinct. Sadly, time and again, the NHS ignored or rebutted our concerns regarding the care of our daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born slightly prematurely but able bodied and ended her life as a profoundly disabled little girl of 11 months old, who suffocated whilst being cared for by a nurse working illegally. Whilst searching for answers, we were put in touch with Mothers Instinct. Mothers Instinct, through telephone and email contact, have given us the encouragement and support to carry on with our investigation and also have shared their experiences to help us try and uncover what happened in our daughter's initial care after birth. When parents raise concerns with the medical profession, their concerns should be listened to and taken seriously. If mistakes are made health professionals should be honest with the family"
Anne Dixon