Mothers Instinct Team

Joanne with her daughter Jasmine

Since the loss of Jasmine, Jo has been passionate about setting up Mothers' Instinct, feeling that Mums and Dads must be listened to and communicated with clearly when their child is ill, and that sharing the wisdom gained from experience can help to encourage this

“I believe Mother's Instinct will grow, and the more bereaved parents who join together in our campaign, the louder our voice will be. We want members of the public and the NHS to contact us with their views, stories, and advice, to share the learning that comes from them, for the benefit of all"

Joanne is the first point of contact for anyone who wants to get in touch with the Mothers' Instinct Group.

“I will be pleased to hear from anyone who wants to share a story for learning, get involved with the group, work with us on a project or ask for our help with theirs, support us, provide their views or expertise, or parents who need support because the worst has happened. Nobody out there must go through the trauma of losing a child in these types of circumstances feeling alone.”

Joanne is involved with various projects with paediatric care providers and hopes NHS teams will embrace more and more the opportunity for parental input into both paediatric care training and improvements, and the management of learning from events,  that the Mothers' Instinct group can provide, instead of closing doors and shutting out bereaved families, the practice that seems all too prominent.

Joanne misses Jasmine every day. The pain she feels continuously from being cruelly separated from Jasmine never diminishes. She finds her work through Mothers' Instinct helps her 'stay standing', both through meeting other people, and striving to make a difference on behalf of all the children and familes affected. 

Jeff with his daughter Jasmine

Jeff works in London as the IT Director for a multinational design firm. He supports Joanne with Mothers' Instinct, and helps with the support network and group so men going through this awful experience have another bereaved Dad to talk to.

“When Jasmine died I found it so helpful going to the bereavement group we found. Like many men, I didn’t think I was the ‘support group’ kind of person. But I can’t stress enough to any men out there how important it is to talk to someone who knows what it’s like to lose their child. I think our support group, for people who have lost their child in these particular circumstances, is particularly helpful because we’ve all been through or are going through the dreadful process of reliving the events, piecing things together,  and trying to get answers to our questions afterwards, which adds to the trauma."

Sam MacMillan with her twins

Sam and Jo have been friends for 18 years. Sam works as the head theatre nurse at The Queen's Veterinary School Hospital for Animals at the University of Cambridge and is a busy mum to two year old twins, Thomas and Isobel.

“I have watched, proud and in awe, as Jo and Jeff have somehow managed to channel some of the grief, anguish, anger, disbelief, love, tears and despair following their daughter Jasmine’s untimely death, in such tragic and avoidable circumstances, into Jasmine’s legacy – Mothers Instinct. Although I have not lost a child, I have watched my wonderful friends lose Jasmine, and I have stood alongside them as they tried to make sense of what happened and discover the truth behind those circumstances.

I support Mother’s Instinct with everything that I have and I hope that, whilst I can never come close to understanding what so many of you have been through, I can help support the organisation in other ways to help it grow from strength to strength to give Mother’s Instinct the voice and the power it deserves”