Members get togethers

Every once in a while we try to organise for those families who have got in touch with us through our support network the opportunity to get together face to face. Spending time with other avoidably bereaved parents often results in those people swapping contact details and offering each other support. Often new firm friendships are formed.

If you have lost your child, we are all here for you. You are not alone. 

If you would like to come along to our next get together, contact Joanne at

Both my husband and I have felt so lost and at times feel we don’t really ‘fit’ anywhere because what happened to Jess is relatively rare. But the very first time I attended one of the support network get togethers I said as much and Joanne said “Natalie, you fit here”. I thank her so much for sharing her heart-breaking story, and I thank every one else within the group that has shared their stories and given me support and advice and as awful as it is, helped me realise that my husband and I are not alone. I truly believe in the Mothers Instinct campaign and I am grateful for the chance to be involved and the platform to share what happened to my family in order to reach a wider audience.
Natalie Clarke 
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