Key Campaigners for Openness

Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA)

Commenting on the Duty of Candour, Peter Walsh AvMA's ceo said:

“If done properly a legal Duty of Candour will help change the culture of cover up and denial, but we are not under any illusion about the amount of hard work required to see this through. The fierce opposition we encountered from the Department of Health and medical defence organisations shows that. It was only the force of our campaign coupled with the unequivocal recommendation from Robert Francis QC which forced ministers into this u-turn. We now need everybody to own it. Staff need support, training and protection from persecution from management for doing the right thing.”

“For over sixty years the NHS has done no more than pay lip service to the fundamental principle that patients and their families should be told the truth when there has been an error which causes harm. Whilst frowning upon cover-ups, the system has effectively tolerated them. This culture of cover up and denial is a cancer eating away at the NHS and leads to scandals like we saw at Mid Staffordshire. A hospital that is prepared to tolerate this will not be a safe hospital. The legally enforceable Duty of Candour will help change that culture and represents the biggest advance in patient safety and patients' rights in the history of the NHS.”

“If it is done properly, the legal Duty of Candour should be known as ‘Robbie’s Law’ in honour of Robbie Powell. Since his death 23 years ago his father Will Powell has done more than anyone to raise awareness of the need for this.” 
Source: AvMA website

Will Powell

Robbie's Law is a pledge for the care of everybody in the UK. So that when a person is faced with a heartbreaking loss of a loved one, the doctors must tell the truth, and refrain from falsifying medical records.
Source: Robbies Law Trust website

Patients First
Our purpose is to reduce death and harm in the NHS by campaigning for the UK Government to create policies and laws that ensure the NHS becomes open and accountable and we will actively support all those who raise concerns about patient safety.
"PatientsFirst was founded in the memory of Peter Connelley ('Baby P') by the whistleblowing paediatrician Dr Kim Holt. She realised that there had not been full and transparent learning from his death to the detriment of child protection & potentially thousands of children. Now Patients First have gathered numerous cases of whistleblowers from nursing, midwifery, medicine & senior management who have suffered terribly having tried to speak for patients. There can only be one way for the health services to be effectively provided and that is with integrity, a supportive culture & an openness to learn" Dr Kim Holt
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