Ensuring learning following tragedy

Our members are working together with those involved in their own childrens' care to ensure maximum learning and improvement occurs following tragedy. This is never an easy process for either party and as a group we help support this process. 

Martin Wetherill, an NHS trust manager, said “Speaking with patients and patient’s relatives is so important. The users of any service are the people who see the faults, far more than the people providing the service. That’s true of any industry, and hospitals are no exception. We want to encourage people to come forward."

With permission, we will publish outcomes of investigations and improvements made so that learning from incidents can be shared on a much wider scale than is usual.

We have always believed that recognised error and learning outcomes should not be contained but shared as widely as possible to try to prevent similar incidents occurring again in other parts of the country.

Families and NHS teams who would like to use our website to share valuable information for this purpose should contact us using our contact form.