Having worked in paediatrics now since 1984, I am disturbed to discover
that the NHS has become increasingly defensive and resistant to
learning. It has been particularly hard to discover colleagues
behaving in ways that one might never imagine, and superficially it
appears that they have seemed prepared to do almost anything to ensure
their own survival over and...

“The Mid Staffordshire Public Inquiry report identifies many aspects of culture that impact on patient care. None are more important than the failure to see things from the patient’s perspective and to understand the effects of actions – or inactions – on them.

Recognising families as experts in the care of their own child is fundamental to the delivery of appropriate, individualised...

As a health professional I warmly welcome the opportunity to contribute to this website. Anything which sets out to demystify, improve, and enable action on errors and mistakes, or examples of poor care is to be welcomed. Mothers' Instinct sets out to disseminate good practice and ensure implementation of such practice in local health care environments. This is in the expectation that the...