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My opinions on the 'controversial' Safe Space for HSIB investigations

‘Safe Space’ for HSIB investigations.

I am very much against the ‘safe space’ described within the pages of the ‘draft’ (thank goodness) Health Service Safety Investigations Bill, dated September 2017.(1)
“The HSSIB or the accredited trust must not disclose to any person any information, document or other item which is held by it in connection with an investigation”

3.12.17 Christmas Cards

I just logged on to twitter and saw such a truly informative tweet from a fellow bereaved mother that I just had to share as part of a blog post for my readers. Such a simple tweet, but has the power to inform so many people in various ways....

13/1/16 No Blame Culture

I find myself wanting to write about the 'no blame culture' we are told must exist within the NHS.
I believe the phrase ‘no blame’ is confusing for grieving parents, and in many cases, frightening and antagonistic.

I certainly felt like this initially.