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3.12.17 Christmas Cards

I just logged on to twitter and saw such a truly informative tweet from a fellow bereaved mother that I just had to share as part of a blog post for my readers. Such a simple tweet, but has the power to inform so many people in various ways....

13/1/16 No Blame Culture

I find myself wanting to write about the 'no blame culture' we are told must exist within the NHS.
I believe the phrase ‘no blame’ is confusing for grieving parents, and in many cases, frightening and antagonistic.

I certainly felt like this initially.

Ask SNIFF Programme - Parents Needed!!

Mothers Instinct is supporting the University of Northampton with their development of a new resource aimed at helping parents know when to seek help for their sick child. If you are available on 26th April to assist with this project, we would be delighted to see you at Cheeky Monkees indoor play centre in Corby.

ASK SID: Acutely Sick Kids Safety netting Intervention Development