Ask SNIFF Programme - Parents Needed!!

Mothers Instinct is supporting the University of Northampton with their development of a new resource aimed at helping parents know when to seek help for their sick child. If you are available on 26th April to assist with this project, we would be delighted to see you at Cheeky Monkees indoor play centre in Corby.

ASK SID: Acutely Sick Kids Safety netting Intervention Development

Join us on
Saturday 26th April 2014 11am-2pm at
Cheeky Monkees, Corby indoor play centre.
Bring your child(ren), they can play, while you take part in the workshop.

The University of Northampton is looking for parents to help design the content of a resource for parents with sick children. As parents we know you may sometimes find it difficult to know when to seek help; is your child really ill? Will the sickness get worse? Should my child see a doctor? And we know that sometimes you worry about bothering the doctor. This project is about developing the content for a resource to help you make those decisions. In this first version we are focussing on the five commonest symptoms of childhood illness (high temperature, breathing problems, diarrhoea, vomiting and rash). We hope to build on this in the future.

This is a two stage project involving parents and health care professionals. We have almost completed the first stage, developing lists of the things parents and professionals would like to see included, and we are now recruiting for stage two.

This second stage will take the form of workshops with parents (and separately with professionals) to look at the lists of information generated and decide what are the most important things to include, how it should be presented (what is should look like, printed words, pictures, short films), where parents should be able to get it (such as GP, hospital, children’s centre) and how parents should be able to access the resource (such as Phone apps, website, booklet DVD etc).

We would like to invite you to attend a workshop to help us sort through all the ideas we have received and work out what is most important to include.

The project is called ASK SID “Acutely Sick Kids Safety-netting Intervention Development” and is a collaboration with University College London and the University of Oxford. The project is funded by Well Child charity. This is part of the ASK SNIFF programme of research.

The workshop will take place at 11am-2pm on Saturday 26th April 2014 at Cheeky Monkees indoor play centre. You are invited to bring your child(ren) along on the day, where they can have fun in the play area while you take part in the workshop.

To book a place, or if have any questions about the project, please contact:
Natasha Bayes, Researcher Assistant at the University of Northampton;, or 01604 892784.

For all other information please contact:
Dr. Sarah Neill, Principal Investigator and Project Coordinator at the University of Northampton;