3.12.17 Christmas Cards

I just logged on to twitter and saw such a truly informative tweet from a fellow bereaved mother that I just had to share as part of a blog post for my readers. Such a simple tweet, but has the power to inform so many people in various ways....

Some of my readers are bereaved parents who may be facing their first Christmas without one of their children this year, wondering how on earth they will get through. Some are many years down the line, knowing they will get through, but it won't be easy. It never is. The question of wether or not to write cards, and then wether or not to include our child's name, is one I know so many of us have trouble with.

Some of my readers are people whose friends or family have lost a child, who desperately want to do the right thing and are constantly afraid of saying or doing something that might make the situation worse. (My advice, ask your friend what they need. Tell them you are afraid to make a mistake, but you are there to help... your honesty will be appreciated and that's 1000 times better than silence or inaction from you for fear of getting things wrong)

Some of my readers are healthcare professionals... If you know you've been open, honest, caring, compassionate with a bereaved family, it might be that you do correspond with them and remember their child at Christmas.

So, back to the tweet. Sue, Mum of Sam Morrish, tells us that she's just received a card with a star where Sam's name should be, which is how she includes Sam in the cards she writes. This means so much to her..

I still include Jasmine's name in the cards I write. I always feel people really care when they do the same in the cards they write us.

Every family will do things differently. But look, and notice what they do. And reciprocate it in the cards you write them. It's the little things like this that really make a difference..

Jo xxx

Joanne Hughes
Mothers Instinct