23/3/17 Will some Chief Execs ever learn???

Yesterday, I saw the news that the family of Luke Jenkins had been awarded £100,000 in compensation, having been offered just £3,000 by the trust in September of last year.


Talking to the press, the chief executive of the trust, Robert Woolley had the following to say…

"The care Luke received has been subject to several, independent, expert reviews - none of which showed that we caused his death. 
"We fully accept, however, that there were failings in the care and treatment we gave him and we also accept that we compounded the pain and grief of his family by giving incorrect and incomplete information in response to their complaint. 
"We are deeply sorry for everything we got wrong."

As soon as I read this I was so angry for the family. Having been on the receiving end myself of deeply hurtful and totally unnecessary press comments, I knew the family must be reeling that rather than just come out and publicly apologise for the failures in care and the failures to give the family the whole truths for so long after Lukes death, this Chief Exec felt the need to ‘get in there’ that investigations had not explicitly stated the errors caused this child’s death.

When will these people learn??!!

It is overwhelmingly antagonising to the families to say such things, and entirely unnecessary. Comments like these do nothing to ‘maintain reputations’ People are not stupid they can see right through it. It just smacks of a Chief Exec who cannot bring themselves to fully acknowledge the severity of what has happened. This attitude does not maintain the publics trust in the system, far from it. And this behaviour harms the family whose child has died.

IMHO, with my experience of the legal process, this trust would not be giving this family a six figure sum if they were confident in those ‘expert reviews’ conclusions that failures in care had not caused this child’s death.

Today, Lukes family released a sound clip from a meeting they had at the trust. This gentleman, says the following to the family;

“I am here to talk as the consultant in the hospital where Luke died. ….I fully accept, and I speak on behalf of my colleagues and the trust, that we did not get things right with Luke, and there were modifiable factors that if hadn’t happened he would still be alive…”

I need say no more….

Joanne Hughes
Mothers Instinct