10/8/14 Let Sleeping Babes Lie?

This is an appeal to all healthcare teams. NEVER, ever, let a sleeping child dissuade you from doing obs as instructed or following safety guidelines. The same applies to a distressed child. I can tell you with absolute certainty that I, and all the other avoidably bereaved parents I know, would much prefer for you to follow the safety guidelines which are there for a reason and wake children or upset them further, than ignore them with tragic consequences.

It is the weakest and most indefensible of excuses if something goes wrong to state you didn't follow a safety procedure because a child was sleeping. Don't put yourself in that position, ever.

As part of my role in the Infant and Children's Patient Safety Expert group, from the contact that is made with me from other bereaved parents, and from personal experience, I know this is a very real issue on a national level.

This is a simple change - if every healthcare professional vowed never to prioritise sleep or avoidance of further distress over safety procedures again, the impact on avoidable harm would be huge...

PLEASE take this on board and remember it.