16/5/13 Recent Press: Hitchin family launch campaign in memory of daughter

Article from The Comet, 15th May 2013

"A mother who believes her toddler would have survived had there been better communication between the hospitals which treated her is launching a campaign in her memory

Jasmine Hughes died aged 20 months in February 2011, after suffering from brain disease Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM).

15/5/13 Snippets from emails we have received

I just finished reading the story of your daughter and I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. We live in Canada, and we have been dealing with a sick child but the doctors will not listen……..The diagnosis just doesn't seem to fit and my gut is telling me otherwise. I feel like we are continuously being brushed off…….. I am feeling very overwhelmed and not heard at all.

3/5/13 Endorsement from Consultant Paediatrician Dr Andy Raffles

As a health professional I warmly welcome the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful cause. Anything which sets out to demystify, improve, and enable action on errors and mistakes, or examples of poor care is to be welcomed. In particular this group – Mother’s Instinct - sets out to disseminate good practice and ensure implementation of such practice in local health care environments.

My opinions on the 'controversial' Safe Space for HSIB investigations

‘Safe Space’ for HSIB investigations.

I am very much against the ‘safe space’ described within the pages of the ‘draft’ (thank goodness) Health Service Safety Investigations Bill, dated September 2017.(1)
“The HSSIB or the accredited trust must not disclose to any person any information, document or other item which is held by it in connection with an investigation”