About Mothers' Instinct

I created the Mothers' Instinct site because I am certain, (and my view is supported by a number of independent medical experts)  that had my concerns been appropriately responded to when Jasmine was ill she would still be here. Also, more meaningful engagement with me by those involved in investigations following Jasmines death (including trust staff, the coroner, RCA teams ) would have enabled more of the necessary learning from the events to be uncovered, and shared, for patient safety improvement far sooner.

I have met and spoken with many other avoidably bereaved parents with the same frustrations.

It remains too common an occurrence for parents concerns to be dismissed and later recognised as being entirely appropriate, with tragic consequences. It is also shocking how little attention is paid to parents views after serious incidents have occured.

This site is a platform to share stories and learning to be used by

  • - Healthcare Professionals, and those in PALs, Complaints, Legal, Patient Safety and Governance, and Management teams, to inspire and promote good practice in engaging meaningfully with parents both during their child's care and, after tragedies have happened.
  • - other avoidably bereaved parents as a source of useful information and support 
  • - the general public, to raise awareness of medical error, that it happens, the reasons why (I believe strongly in understanding all the factors resulting in incidents, looking at the complicated and stretched systems NHS employees are working in, and applying the 'Just Culture' model to the response) and what we can do to improve communication between parents and healthcare professionals so we work together to reduce the risks of our children coming to any harm. 

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