About Mothers' Instinct

Mothers' Instinct was created because Joanne felt very strongly that had her concerns been listened to when Jasmine was ill her little girl would still be with her. She believed that greater involvement by her in investigations following Jasmines death would have enabled the true learning from the events to be uncovered. 

Having suffered such a tragedy, and struggled with the many processes involved in uncovering the truth after Jasmines death, her radar was switched on to similar stories in the news, and she met other parents in a similar position.

Joanne realised that whilst the chances of this kind of tragedy are thankfully very low, and most children and their families do have a good experience of healthcare, there are still far too many who don't, needlessly; and something must be done

She feels it is too common an occurrence for parents concerns to be dismissed and later recognised as being entirely appropriate,  with tragic consequences. It is also shocking how little attention is paid to parents views after incidents have occured.

She has met, spoken to, and heard from through media forums, many many parents, and some healthcare professionals, who feel the same way.

She recognised a need for a group which raises awareness for both parents and the NHS to respect 'Mothers' Instinct' (Dads' too),  looks closely at communication between parents and medics as part of providing better paediatric care, and encourages the sharing of experiences and learning to improve services.

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