About Medical Harm

Did you know....

It is estimated that 3.6% of hospital deaths in acute hospitals in the UK have at least a 50% chance of being avoidable. In the NHS, that equates to 150 deaths a week.
1 in 10 patients in hospital will experience a harm event, in children, it's as many as 1 in 7.

No, I didn't think so.

When jasmine died I had no idea of the above statistics. I had no information whilst she was being cared for about the common reasons why things go wrong, such as communication breakdowns between healthcare professionals and breakdowns in communication between parents and doctors/nurses. I didn't know that I, as a parent, could do certain things throughout my child's patient journey to help try and avoid some of the common reasons why children suffer avoidable harm in medical settings (communication failures, failure to recognise the deteriorating child, medication errors)

I hadn't ever visited a site like this, read the patient stories that are shared, read the 'top tips' for parents, and resolved to remember what I'd read, to try and make sure nothing like that ever happened to my child.

I feel it is my duty to use this website to better educate other parents in the hope it will enable them to be more proactive in getting safe care for their children.

I have a lot of 'if only I had known this then... If only I'd have asked x,y,z...If only I'd have done x,y,z moments'

I have taken the 'if only's' and put together what I believe, is a useful set of 'tips' that all parents could use

It is found in the 'My advice for Parents' tab

You may find it interesting and informative to read the following books, written by avoidably bereaved parents

Joshua's story, by James Titcombe

Josie's Story, by Sorrel King